by Benny Antennae

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Recorded in 2007/2008 on a four-track at the RatShack. Thank you Eric Stewart for the use of the gear, guitar strings, etc. Used a buncha used tapes and there's a ton of hiss but these are the most salvageable/least embarrassing of that era.


released July 4, 2008



all rights reserved


Benny Antennae Massachusetts

BRAIN DAMAGE ROCK N ROLL and other music for other people.

Everything I've ever said in one of these bios has made me feel like a used cockring.

Please listen and download and enjoy and keep an eye out for updates.
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Track Name: YOU Figure It Out
Stretch your pockets, break em in
Tell the town that you're shaking hands with now
And now and here and here and now

Ever so long you've strived

You know you're right, you know you'll win
So spit your filth at the crowd and tell em "NOW
and now and here and here and now"

Oh so long you strive

Now's the time and here's the thing
Our names are the same and we're aiming to win
The right to be king among king among king among kings

Our names are the same and you can't do a thing
Track Name: They Might Kill You If They Catch On
Pill-fevered sleep, pill-fevered sleep
You flail at nothing in your pill-fevered sleep
You can't fight it but you can't accept
Can't take it but you can't reject it
Fever sleep
Flail at nothing oh you flail at nothing

Fevered sweat
Feverish sweat
Drowning in your pillows in a feverish sweat
You say you don't like it but you don't seem to mind it
You haven't lost it yet but you cannot find it

Fevered sweat
Oh you're drowning in it
Face forward
Eyes inward
But keep wearing that crown
Eyes inward
Days backward
Bite down, bite down

Enemies gone, enemies gone
In your convulsions are your enemies gone?

They might kill you if they catch on
They might kill you if you let them catch on

So run

Still shaking, you're still shaking and you're

Face forward
Eyes inward
But keep wearing that crown
Eyes inward
Days backward
Bite down, bite down, bite down, bote downdwnfanlfksafa
Track Name: Flee Suddenly
Dying for a way to go and
Screaming out your last words, knowing
Nobody's listening

All you have to say is nothing
Listen to the deaf and dumb sing:
"Nobody's listening"

Though collective drunken swagger
Drowns you out, it does not matter;
Nobody's listening

And here and now and always after
Weave your words between the laughter
Nobody's listening

Praise be damned and fuck indifference
Know just when to keep your distance
Nobody's listening
Track Name: This Radio
This radio attacks from all angles
And I avoid it at all costs

This radio hosts billboards for the rest of us to burn and to watch burn

This radio spits static venom through its teeth
And its antenna won't stay standing

This radio hosts billboards for the rest of us to burn and to watch burn

This radio births high-frequency bastards
Whose fathers had twice the staying power

This radio is ... (i have no idea what i was saying anymore, sorry...)

No legs at all... mumble mumble...
Track Name: Rag Ark
Dirty fat old bastard
Giving rise to bad intentions
What or why I might not mention
Hold your breath

Sunken eyes

Dirty fat old bastard
Sunken eyes that ogle children
But you need em to count out my pay
So I can't pluck em out
Track Name: Itch About It
If you're thinking about stealing my gin
You better think to think again
'Cause i know you know that you might want to

Sit and think about it for a few seconds

If you're wondering about my grin
Just know that I know where I've been
And you might be nowhere too
So just you

Sit and wait around for it for a few years

If you're thinking about stealing my words
And shouting to the world like they're yours
I hope you know that you don't know a thing

So sit and think about nothing for a few more years

Can't stop thinking about the cities in my lungs
I know its their voice on my tongue
And when they scream in my ear
I do my best to

Sit and try not to think about it for a few late nights

Can't stop thinking about the atoms in my skin
Shake shake shaking in my skin
And do they know what we know? I hope so

So I sit and scratch my itches for a few
Think about, sit and itch about it for a few
Track Name: When We Climb
Something might be crawling across the roofbeams
And it seems
That we cling to its leg as a hair on the bag of a big worm
But its our turn
To know our ascension will only amount to hand-me-downs
And used crowns
Where we'll crawl with the lice at the trembling head of the cosmos
Yes it almost
Seems that we, though gaining ground, will not amount to much more than parasites
But that's alright
'Cause we play our parts with all our hearts and half a mind which when we climb will be torn wide open for the best.
Track Name: Let Bombs Send Us Skyward
All manner of weaponry, fodder for wars
Is to be deployed in perfect harmony
By those with the means
With hopes that the aftershocks will send word
To the whole of the rest of existence that we're on our way


All will be cleansed when the shrapnel of Earth realigns with the stars;
This is our goal.
Today is the day we begin to trace our roots
No matter how many eons away


Sacrifice Earthly disarray
For order in the cosmos