Knee Deep In The Creepshow

by Benny Antennae

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Written and recorded throughout April/ May/June 2017 at Daileyville and Chiefhouse Okum USA

Coming soon on cassette from "STCK Records & Tapes"



released June 6, 2017

Benny Antennae: everything but:
Jimm Warren: drums on 1-4 and:
Sentient ESP Machine: Drums on 11

Many thanks to everyone who is probably sick of me thanking them.



all rights reserved


Benny Antennae Massachusetts

BRAIN DAMAGE ROCK N ROLL and other music for other people.

Everything I've ever said in one of these bios has made me feel like a used cockring.

Please listen and download and enjoy and keep an eye out for updates.
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Track Name: Rich Vengeful Prick
What does it say
The easiest part
Has been
Getting my teeth
Ripped outta my head
Better hope I don't become a rich vengeful prick
Track Name: Monsters When You Want 'em
I got monsters when you want em
Knee deep in the creepshow
Track Name: I Taste Blood AKA It's Awesome Here
Passed out for free
Passed out on me
Pissed at the world
I found ye facedown
Go though
You smell perfect though
You're so gone
Who's that shitshow
You're still gone
What a bad show
Yourheads gone
You don't say so

I taste blood
In my lungs
I taste blood
In my lungs

They keep my lungs in a jar somewhere
But it's awesome here
It's fucking awesome here

Ooh you're a lovely host

They got my teeth in a drawer somewhere
It's awesome here

I taste blood
Lookin' for a thrill
I taste blood
All my teeth in a drawer...

I smell food
Its awesome here
And you really should come

I don't wanna go
Track Name: Gimme Head (Trauma)
Head trauma, gimme head
trauma i got head
trauma gimme head
trauma i got

homicidal ideations
suicidal too

Head trauma gimme head trauma i got

Take me over, take me outta control
Fuck me over, my mind got stole

Head trauma head head head head
Track Name: Mosquito Blood
Get kicked outta everywhere I go
One hand waves hello
The other shows the door

Time is only moving cause the radio says so
I got mosquito blood

One hand waves hello
The other shows the door

It's an ugly fuckin' door

Track Name: Can't Run From The Rip-Off
It's a rip-off
Dying trying

Nothing nothing nothing nothing new
Never nothing never nothing new
Nothing nothing nothing nothing new
Til its all exposed

I call bullshit
On that last riff

Nothing new
Until that star explodes
and even then not really
Track Name: Bathroom Stall's Closing In
Looks like the middle of the road broke your fall
Even then you never thought to call
That number written on the bathroom stall
They're closing in and they're some filthy fucking walls
It's written on the wall
it's written on the wall
It's fucking filthy in here
Track Name: Wreckling
You can pay me later
Thunder doesn't matter
What an aggravation
Checking out the rat-tail rental i fail-fuck
Picking up the fat Christ Wotan Allah murderer's row' rights
I'm on top of the world